Geyser Master

Geyser Master

The Geyser Master has been tested and successfully used throughout Africa for the past 12 years.

The principle of operation is a proven scientific calculation for powering the geyser. These calculations are fed into a 100 Hr battery back up timer outside the peak hour periods which then drives a high current protection contactor which will supply electricity to the heating element via the thermostat.

When used in conjunction with the Geyser Blanket, an optimal saving is achieved during all seasons of the year.

The saving is proved by the fact that when no electricity is applied, no electricity is used.

Geyser Blanket

The Geyser Blanket supplies an additional layer of insulation for existing geyser installations.

It is designed to be wrapped around your geyser and what makes our Geyser Blanket superior is the fact that it is made up of a 15 to 20mm layer of heat resistive and weatherproof bubble-formed plastic insulation with a reflective foil sheeting cover on the outside.