Solar Security Backup Systems

Why choose solar?

Solar power is the correct choice in so many situations. There are many and varied reasons why someone will choose solar power to back up their security system but the most common is a simple lack of available mains power.

There are however many more advantages to choosing solar power for your installation - 24 hour power - no power failures No high cost of running power FREE solar energy - Stored throughout the day in the built-in battery Green and clean - Eco friendly option.


Will solar be the correct choice for me?

Good quality installations do cost more ,but when it's pouring with rain during a late night rain storm and you have to find your override keys and climb your gate to fumble in the dark and open your gate manually you will ask yourself why you didn't install a solar system.


How does it work?

The sun light contains energy.

When light hits the solar panel it turns into an electrical current.

We then convert the current through our custom made regulator into power to charge the battery.





Solar powered automatic gates are probably the ultimate in convenience. Powered by battery there is no need to worry when the mains goes out.

Now we all love a bargain but bargains in the solar power arena can often mean non-performance and failure. The problem with this is that most of us buy an automatic gate for convenience and security. When the system fails it is certainly not very "convenient".


Whilst we have researched and designed a few kits for the budget-end of the market, the majority of our kits include extras like larger 18 amp hour batteries and strong outdoor enclosures to house your batteries and prevent theft.

We have a full range of upgrade options including larger solar panels, extra batteries, larger enclosures and solar regulator controls and we will advise you of the correct system to suit your individual requirements. Utilizing the full charging power of the solar panel we calculate the correct size battery for your requirements. This battery then feeds into your electric gate motor ensuring your motor works 24/7.