About Alternative Energy Consultants

Romsnet Investments (Pvt.) Ltd trading as Alternative Energy Consultants is a turnkey organisation offering sustainability consultation services and various green products. 

The goal of Alternative Energy Consultants is to give home owners the know-how and confidence to live a greener lifestyle and businesses, hotels, lodges, and developers to operate sustainably and aim for a carbon neutral status. 

Alternative Energy Consultants specialise in researching and implementing the latest and most efficient green technologies for a variety of markets and industries, such as property developers, lodges, hotels, individual home owners, and specialist services for corporate. 

Alternative Energy Consultants has a wide variety of products available for you to take advantage of, dealing predominantly in energy and lighting solutions. 

In addition to the products available, additional services such as financial return analysis are offered.  

We serve Africa's best renewable energy needs - they are our primary focus.  We supply solar, wind and power backup equipment custom designed to individual installations. 

We create reliable solutions that meet our customers’ needs. These solutions have been proven in the rugged African environments.